Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Bully Machine

    The fourth graders have been really busy this week.  They are preparing for their big "performance" of the Bully Machine at Friday's assembly.  This 6 minute performance has been a lot of fun for the students and the adults.  We have laughed as students snap their heads, limbs and bodies to attention. We've giggled at their hoe-down moves. We've smiled at their touching last poses.
    I have been incredibly impressed with the fourth graders' professionalism, dedication, and drive to pull off the best "show" that they can.  Each student is taking part, and all are adding their own flair to the performance.  You would think that managing 43 kids all doing their own unique moves might be difficult or challenging. Instead, I've found it invigorating.  I love the look on their faces when they accomplish their goal. I love to hear them cheer for one another. I love the feeling of true success when they nail the whole thing for the first time.  Their enthusiasm is so contagious. These are the experiences that I truly love as a teacher, and I think it is fairly safe to say, that these are the moments students love too.  How many of you remember you elementary school plays, concerts, skits? Isn't it funny that we can recall them like they were only yesterday?  I hope that this will be a memory for my students, I know it will be something that I will not soon forget.

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