Thursday, February 14, 2013

Catching Up
  I know that I've been MIA from my blog for the past few weeks, and I truly apologize.  The flu/cold thing that is going around got the best of me for a few weeks and I've been sort of running on low steam.  However, I am now back and in full swing. We have been doing so many great things lately and I can't wait to share.
   First off, be sure to take a peak at one of the stop motion animation clips that my class did to show the process of changes in states of matter.  This one was a particular favorite. It is only about 7 seconds and it goes fast, so be sure to watch carefully.  This was the students first time using this very cool new app on their ipads.  They quickly learned that next time they wanted to do more animation to show true movement. That being said, they had a blast, and some of their films came out great.
  This week we took a trip back in time on our field trip to Billings Farm.  I was amazed at how much the kids got out of their experiences. It was so much fun watching them cook the dinner, bake bread, churn butter, and even sew a quilt.  Perhaps the best part was observing them do chores such as laundry (yes they even scrubbed on a washboard) and mucking out stalls (mmmhmmm, manure and all) without one mention of a complaint.  In fact, I even heard comments such as, "This is so much fun!" and "I wish I could do this every day."  So, there you go parents. Simply tell your kids that they are now being transported back to the 19th century where kids did chores, and you won't even get a complaint, hee hee.
Cameron cleaning the stables

Tyson cooking the vegetables for the soup


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