Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taking It on the Road...

    The Bully Machine hit the road today, and what a day it was!  The kids were incredible, and the message that they shared with South Royalton was just awe inspiring. I couldn't have been more proud of the fourth graders at DBS.  Their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism shined through.  The students at South Royalton sat glued to their seats as they watched the fourth graders depict the effects of bullying. 
The Welcome sign at South Royalton.  They treated us like royalty that was for sure!
After the show, a few students impressed everyone with answering many question,s not only about their performance, but about bullying in general.
The students took a final bow to screaming fans!

The entire audience came by and gave our 4th graders high-fives for their incredible work!

Afterward, the fourth graders listened to the praises of their teachers and the principal at South Royalton.

The true high light of the day, at least for the kids?  South Royalton arranged for a police escort for our bus leaving their town. The kids were just a little excited as they watched cars pull off to the side of the road for our bus! Talk about feeling like royalty!  

Thank you South Royalton for such a warm welcome!

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