Monday, April 22, 2013

The Home Stretch

  Believe it or not, we have just over 7 weeks left of school.  This is the final stretch of fourth grade. My first year here at Dothan Brook has gone so quickly and has been such a wonderful experience.  However, I can't feel like my job is done.  Seven weeks is a long time and a lot of learning is yet to happen.  Sometimes when the weather gets nice kids forget that we still have work to do. 

  I would like to continue to encourage you to work with your child at home on their multiplication facts.  This is a huge responsibility for our children, and one of the basic requirements of fifth grade.  I still have about five students who are really struggling and a few who just need constant review so they don't lose the progress that they have made. 

  We have one more book project this year.  Students have been asked to find a fantasy novel by the end of this week. I would like to approve all books, and students must check with me by Friday.  They should be reading at home on a nightly basis. Reading 20 minutes a night is part of their homework, and it should be done every night.  Over the next few weeks please make sure your child is reading their fantasy novel.  The project will be sent home toward the beginning of May. 

  Fourth graders will be planting the DBS Garden this spring as well. Dartmouth students are coming in weekly to teach the kids about healthy living, and part of that process will be planting the vegetables in our garden.  To start the process, students will be planting individual basil plants this week, and taking care of them in our classroom nursery.

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