Friday, January 31, 2014

Billings Farm Field Trip

The fourth graders had so much fun at Billings Farm on Tuesday.  As soon as we got off the bus we were greeted by "Uncle Eli," who told us that we were traveling back in time to 1890.  The students counted back from 2014, 2010, 2000, 1990, 1980... and then were "magically" transported to another time.  They received new names, and were told that old standards applied.  They used sir and ma'am, the boys held doors for the girls, and manners were of the utmost importance. The class was broken up into four groups, and the students began working on the chores of the farm to help out the "Monroe Family." They did the laundry by hand, made their own butter, cleaned out the stalls in the barn, sewed a quilt for a sick relative, and even made their midday meal.  I was so proud of my students. They were so kind to one another, listened to directions, and truly got into the play acting of the day. At the end of the trip the actors all commented how wonderful the class behaved, and one even mentioned that this was the best group they had come through this season. I couldn't have been more proud!

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