Friday, September 12, 2014

Our First Full Week!

  We survived our first full week of school with flying colors. It was an extremely busy week, and I was so happy to meet so many families on Open House night. Thank you all for coming out and supporting your children. They were so excited to take you through the scavenger hunt and show you all that they have been doing these past few weeks.

  This week we started two very important units. In math class, our focus shifted to the beginnings of multiplication. Students learn this math function using the area model, or array model. This is different than how multiplication used to be taught when I was in school, but trust me, as the numbers get bigger and bigger, it is a tool that students will use and return to all year long.

  In science this week, we officially began our animal inquiry unit with a trip down to the brook. Students received their territories and began to do a scientific map in their science notebooks. I was truly impressed in the growth I've seen in just the past week. The students were focused, and were really attempting to observe their areas the best that they could.  We ran out of time and will be heading back down again on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you for getting all the extra boots and socks in on time.

    Remember that we will be heading to Clifford Park to study crayfish on Thursday of next week. Please make sure that your child dresses in layers as it can be chilly in the mornings.  If any parent is interested in joining us, please let me know. We'd love to have you along.

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