Friday, October 3, 2014

A Room Full of Actors!

The fourth graders want to start today's blog by wishing our student teacher, Ms. Hulbert, GOOD LUCK on her 54 mile hike this weekend. We are so proud of her, and we can't wait to hear how it all went next week.

   This has been a fantastic week for reading.  We have been working on opening ourselves to different types of genres. Sometimes young readers get stuck in one type of book and struggle to take a chance with something new and exciting. The fourth graders have spent the past week learning about different types of genre such as fantasy, realistic fiction, science fiction, myths, folklore, and biographies. The library has had a real push for new kinds of books, and Mrs. Vielleux is very excited. I encourage you to ask your child what new genre they learned about this week, and what they might be interested in trying out. 

   Not only has the class been learning about new genres, but our reading groups spent the week working on reading with expression. We know that is what good readers do, but knowing and doing are sometimes two very different things. So, each day this week students came to reading group with a script in hand. They had become "actors" over night.  They were reading their scripts each day to improve their fluency and expression.  Every day they got better and better, and the characters started to come to life. 

   Today, we had the joy of presenting our readers' theatre to the preschool morning class.  The fourth graders were nervous, but they did a great job! We need to also thank the pre-k students for being a fantastic audience! Below you will find pictures from our experience, along with a few short clips of the students performing.