Monday, November 24, 2014

Vermont Geography

The fourth graders have spent the last few weeks up to their knees in geography! Ask them what that word means, they should be able to spit out the definition. We zoomed in starting from the continents, to our country, to New England, to Vermont, to Windsor county, to Hartford!  From there students started to take a closer look at the geographical regions of Vermont. Each student was given the opportunity to explore one of the physiographic regions more closely. The past two weeks they have studied the land-forms, the climate, and the relative and absolute locations. They also began to think deeply about how the geography of this region impacts the people that live there.

After studying each region, the students were asked to create a Glog. Glogster is a website that creates digital, interactive online posters.  They spent about three class periods learning to manipulate pictures and type in text into the site. These Glogs will be the basis of tomorrow's school wide scavenger hunt!

The class will be in their groups tomorrow and given a clue. The clue will direct them to a location in the school where they will find a QR Code that will digitally link the students to one group's Physiographic Region Glog. The clue card also includes 3 questions that the students will have to answer using the Glog as their text. Once they have completed that station they will return to class to check their answers and receive a piece of their Vermont puzzle.  Once the students have collected all of the puzzle pieces they will have one final question to answer about Vermont.  We are hoping that this fun and engaging activity will give students a chance to not only show off their Glogs to the whole class, but to also help them learn about other regions of Vermont that they didn't study.

Below you will find pictures of the process, along with links to the  students' Glogs!
I hope you all have a very relaxing and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday.


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