Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My First Blog!

    I want to start by saying thank you to so many of you for making my transition to Dothan Brook so easy and wonderful. I feel right at home with my new DBS family. I can't believe that October is half over!  It has been an amazing first six weeks.
     My fourth graders have settled into the routine, and they are making amazing progress.  I've seen an incredible growth in their writing. Today we focused on why writers write.  The students learned my favorite quote ever, "No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader!"  They learned that writers have something to say.  They were so excited about being able to write what was on their mind, that they were upset when the writing time was finished. What more can a teacher ask for?
     I have also seen my class start to live the lives of readers.  They talk books, they share the stories with their friends, and they are anxious to get their hands on a book at any point in the day. I was ecstatic today when a self-titled "nonreader" finished his third book of the year and anxiously asked me, "What am I going to read next Mrs. West?"
     This week we got rolling on our second unit in math class.  The Great Wall of Base Ten was built over the '57 Chevy on my wall.  The students had fun figuring out the dimensions, 100 cm x 100 cm and an area of 10,000 sq. centimeters!
     We had amazing Dartmouth students come to teach the students about soil.  They are preparing the students to put the DBS garden to bed next week, and then to plant in the spring.  We also finished up listening to the creative new animals that the students came up with based on the physical and behavioral adaptations of their chosen environment.  I had some very creative animals! Come check them out on the bulletin board outside our class!
     Short week, only 2 more days left to go, but so many exciting things yet to come!

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