Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Putting the Garden to Bed

Today we went outside to put the DBS garden to bed! Imagine a dozen fourth graders with spades and rakes in their hands digging up weeds. I am sure you can picture the excitement of this activity.  Once a week the fourth grade has Dartmouth College students come to teach lessons on healthy living. They have been learning about layers of the dirt, composting, recycling, etc.  There job today was to dig up all the weeds in order to make sure the garden was ready for winter.  Come spring, students will be planning and planting the DBS garden.  We had a few surprises today,  it seems that the fifth graders missed a large section when they harvested. We had lots of potatoes, and even found a squash that was left behind.  Every child has a small potato with them that they got to take home from school.  I encourage you to use it at dinner this week as the Dartmouth students will be asking how each student used their potato.  (I realize that they are small. Just do the best you can!)


  1. Sorry I missed this activity. Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Great blog! Looking forward to following your class