Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crayfish Experiment

 This week was such great fun. We had so many exciting things going on.  Not only did we go to the White River to collect and sample crayfish, but we also brought them back and did our very first scientific inquiry.

Students learned how to develop a scientific question that was investigable.  They learned how to think about the ethics of the question, whether or not we had the materials to do it, whether it was age appropriate, or if the question was too vague.

Once we had our question, "Do crayfish prefer open water or rock caves?" we began to plan a fair test.  Using a race between Mrs. Thompson and myself as an example, students learned that it is important that there is only one variable in a fair investigation, and that we would not get scientific data if we altered any other variables during the experiment.

Once we had all that amazing knowledge, it was time to proceed with our investigation. The entire fourth grade piled into my classroom on Thursday afternoon and did timed trials with the crayfish. We were abuzz with activity and excitement.

I must admit that the results came out different than most predicted, and so now in the aftermath we are analyzing our data and drawing scientific conclusions based on the information we collected.

Overall the experience was extremely positive for the students.  Now the students are ready to create their own investigations based on the animals that they find in their territories by the brook.  This coming week we will spend time planning and preparing for this next adventure!

Just a reminder: NECAPS START ON THURSDAY!!!!

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