Friday, September 6, 2013

Seeing the World Differently

   This week students have been transformed into scientists, mathematicians, writers, and readers. We are beginning to look at the world through different eyes.  We are seeing that everything can become is a story, and we all have stories to tell.  We are using people and places to inspire the stories within us.  We are looking at the woods and seeing them as a habitat filled with possible new discoveries. Rotting logs are now homes to ants, worms, beetles, and even a salamander or two! We have looked at area and seen that it can be measured not only in square units, but by using hexagons, rhombi (a new word we all learned), trapezoids, and triangles. We've started looking at our reading lives, and learning from past experiences. We have to ask ourselves what works for us and what doesn't? We even made new resolutions to improve our reading this year. The world of learning is opening up to us, and we are excited to jump in with both feet. What a week!

Some important things to remember for the coming week:
1) Students need boots or old shoes for their exploration of Dothan Brook.  Please put your child's name somewhere inside the shoe, and put the shoes inside a plastic grocery bag with their name on it as well. These will hang on their hooks for the next few weeks while we explore the brook.

2) Open house is Tuesday, September 10th. I encourage all families to come and share in their child's "home" for the next nine months. I look forward to meeting you all that evening.

3) The annual PTO Fundraiser was sent home today with your child. I can't stress enough how important fund raising is for DBS. I know it isn't much fun for anyone, however it is crucial in order for the PTO to continue to offer the many extras that benefit your children. Besides the many fun evenings such as Movie Night, Brain-a-mania, and the Ice Cream Social, the PTO also supports classrooms financially. If every child sold just one thing we would be able to start the year out strong and offer many more extracurricular opportunities for the DBS students.  Orders are due on September 23rd.  So, please look in your child's backpack for the packet that went home today.

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