Friday, December 19, 2014

Character Traits

Happy Holidays! In this crazy week leading up to the December vacation, it is often difficult to get kids' attention and keep focus on the school work at hand. However, this week was a little different, at least during reading class. The students were introduced to a wonderful online resource called Popplet.  It is basically a way to organize your thoughts and ideas. The students were asked to do some thinking about the main character in their reading club books. We discussed character traits and the evidence we have to prove that a character is a certain way. Students talked about the differences between being a characteristic at one small moment in time because of a single event and being a trait most of the time, over and over.  They worked hard on diving into their books and finding examples of the traits that they categorized their character.  From there they organized all of their thinking in a fun, meaningful way using Popplet.

Once finished, they shared their Popplets with the members of their reading group, who then got to add comments, suggestions, their own thinking, and compliments right onto the popplet. Then the owners could go back in, read all of the comments, make changes and respond.  It caused for wonderful conversations and sharing of thinking. I've posted some of the popplets below for you to see. You won't be able to see the comments as the site is interactive, and in order to see the comments you have to push on the Popples themselves.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a great two week vacation.

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