Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Drama Club Rehearsal Schedule

Week of Dec.15-192:45-4:00 ALL CAST- Read Through2:45-4:00 ALL CAST- Chorus Rehearsal2:45-4:00 Scene 1- Orphans only (No Miss Hannigan)
Week of Jan. 5-912:35-12:55 (recess) Hard Knock Life Dance 2:45-4:00 Scene 1- Orphans, Miss Hannigan, Bundles12:35-12:55 (recess w/ Mrs. West) Scene 2-Annie, Apple Seller & Ward 12:35-12:55 (recess w/ Ms. Moon) Orphans 2:45-4:00 Scene 3-Tessie, Ms. H, Ward,Grace, Annie 2:45-4:00- All Chorus Songs w/ Ms. Moon (All Cast)12:35-12:55- (recess w/ Ms. Moon) Annie 2:45-4:00 Scene 4- Annie, Grace, Warbucks, Servants
Week of Jan. 12-1612:35-12:55 (recess) Hard Knock Life Dance 2:45-4:00 Scene 5- Grace, Warbucks, Annie, Star-to-be, NYC People12:35-12:55 (recess w/ Mrs. West) Scene 2- Annie 12:35-12:55 (recess w/ Ms. Moon) Ms. Hannigan 2:45-4:00 Scene 6-Grace (until 3:15), Ms. H, Rooster, Lily2:45-4:00 Scene 7- Annie, Warbucks, Grace AND Scene 6- Ms. H. Rooster, Lily (Ms. Moon & Mrs. West will share people)12:35-12:55 - (recess w/ Ms. Moon) Annie, Warbucks, Grace, Star-to-be (NYC) 2:45-3:15- Scene 8-Annie, Warbucks, Healy, Sound Effects Man 3:15-4:00- Scene 9- Orphans & Miss HanniganNo School
Week of Jan. 19-23No School12:35-12:55 (recess w/ Mrs. West) Orphans 12:35-12:55 (recess w/ Ms. Moon) Annie 2:45-4:00- Scene 9 & 6 Miss Hannigan, Rooster, Lily2:45-4:00 Scene 10- Grace, Annie, Warbucks 2:45-4:00 w/ Ms. Moon TBD2:45-4:00- Scene 10 & beginning of Scene 11- Grace, Annie, Warbucks, Servants2:45-3:45- Annie, Orphans, Hannigan, Grace, Warbucks, Lily, Rooster REVIEW SCENES
Week of Jan. 26-3012:35-12:55 (recess w/ Mrs. West) Orphans 2:45-4:00 Scene 11- ALL CAST MEMBERS12:35-12:55-(recess w/ Mrs. West) Annie & Warbucks 2:45-4:00- Scenes 1, 2, 3, 6 & 92:45-4:00 Scenes 4, 5, 10, 11 2:45-4:00 w/ Ms. Moon TBD2:45-4:00 Scenes 7, 8
Week of Feb. 2-62:45-4:45- All Cast Rehearsal on Stage2:45-4:45- All Cast Rehearsal on Stage2:45-4:45- All Cast Dress Rehearsal1:15- Show Time 6:00- Call for 6:30 show time

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